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Welcome to Big Moe of Birmingham
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At Big Moe, we offer complete driveline service, including Aluminum Shafts, 4X4, Racing and of course 18-Wheeler Shafts are our speciality. We carry coil springs for domestic automobiles and trucks. Our service department can take care of all your suspension and alignment needs, including rebushing spindles and tandems and brake work; as well for heavy duty trucks and trailers.

Quality Spring and Alignment Services

We specialize in heavy-duty truck and trailer service!
Come see us or give us a call.
Spring Service – Repairing - Rearching - Rebushing

U- Bolts – Fast Service - All Sizes

Drive Shaft Service – Cars, Trucks, Industrial, Racing and 4x4 Applications,
including Aluminum

Hendrickson Tandems Rebushed – Rubber, Brass and Bar Pin

Wheel Alignment Services – Front Axle and Tandem

Complete Suspension Service – Rebuilds